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Teen Therapy SeattlePremier Therapeutic Experience 
provides evidence-based mental health counseling, substance abuse therapy, and co-occurring treatment methods for individuals, familes, groups, and couples. We adhere to practical Christian values. And we're the first to provide a cutting edge therapeutic approach that utilizes Functional Action Sport Therapy (FAST)!
Christian Counseling RedmondIndividual Therapy approaches are comprised of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused CBT, psychoeducation, dimensions of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), exposure therapy, applied behavioral analysis (ABA), and motivational interviewing, all of which are evidenced-based, proven by research to be effective. "Real change occurs through deep interpersonal experiences." - Dr. Drew Pinsky.
Functional Action Sport Therapy can  channel self-defeating behavior into a constructive outlet,  strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and increase self-worth. Moreover, clients can quench their physiological predisposition to risk taking behavior by getting an adrenaline high on organic endorphins—all the while benefiting their physical health. Research shows that physical activity decreases mental health symptoms. The developmental phase of adolescence is challenging, a time to make mistakes, and for pushing the limits (Siegel, 2013). Brymer and Schweitzer (2013) have found that people involved in action sports “have lower anxiety, are more independent and self-assertive and have a higher sense of reality." Click the link to the right and listen to The FAST Approach in action.
Christian Values lie at the core of Premier Therapeutic Experience. As Bible believing Christians, we have faith Jesus Christ is ultimately the answer for redemption, healing, and transformation. We are well aware that not everybody shares the same belief, therefore, the client will be met at their level of spiritual maturity and his or her beliefs will be completely accepted, respected, and honored. Nobody likes to be forced to believe anything but people do have questions and the Bible has moral answers and direction. 
Areas of Experience
Conduct Disorder | ADHD | Oppositional Defiant Disorder| PTSD   Depression | Anxiety | Parent Seperation/Divorce | Self Harm  Suicidal Ideation | Purpose | Adjustment Disorder | Faith | Gender Identity | Phobias | Trichotillamania | Autism |
Intermittent Explosive Disorder |
Relationships |
Computer/Video & Game/Electronic Addiction | Bereavement | Gangs |
Domestic Violence | Obsession Compulsive Disoder | Substance Abuse | Love Addiction |
Hope | Selective Mutism | Truama
Action Sports
       Stand Up Paddling 
  Rock Climbing 
           Indoor Skydving 
                Mt. Biking  
Brandon E. Stogsdill, LMHC, CMHS, CDP
has a book straight off the presses!
Dr. Drew Pinsky wrote the foreword!
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As always, first-time 15 minute consultations are provided at no cost. Please carefully ascertain if Premier Therapeutic Experience meets your adult & adolescent treatment needs. Feel free to explore the rest of the Website!
If there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering -Victor Frankl
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