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Speaking Engagements
C h a n g i n g     L e g a c i e s    One   C r a z y     S t o r y    a t   a  T i m e 
Brandon E. Stogsdill is a keynote and professional speaker. He shares crazy stories – stories about real life, hope, redemption, and motivation – and is determined to encourages people to dream and be grateful for wherever they may be in life.
  • Mental health, 1 in 5 youth have a diagnosis (Center for Disease Control & Prevention).
  • Sexual assault, 1 in 4 females and 1 in 6 males will be sexually asaulted by the age of 18  (Finkelhor et al., 1990).
  • Bullying, potentially all students will be effected by graduation.
  • Substance Abuse, 58.5% teens abuse marijuana & 52.1% teens abuse alcohol (Natonal Institute on Drug Abuse).
Former Talks & Presentations
Call Out with Bill Cosby, Sound Mental Health Gala, Mary Gates Reception, Pierce College, McNeil Island, Stafford Creek, Washington Corrections Center, University of Washington, Lakewood Library, Youth Source, Washington High School, Rose Hill Junior High, Puyuallup School District,Tree House, Rotary Club, Seattle University, Dr. Rhode's Prison from an Anthropological Perspective, Parkland Library, Burton Chill, Boys & Girl's Club, Life Center, Northwood Middle School, Stahl Junior High, Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky
  • "It was such a nice, positive, inspirational  start to the school year."
  • "In all those years and in all those states Brandon is hands down, the BEST keynote speaker I've had the pleasure to hear.  He was relevant, timely and meaty. Really, too many reasons to list but just wanted to share."
  • "Best keynote speaker we've ever had!"
Brandon or BranDON, is a license mental health counselor, child mental health specialist & chemical dependency professional. He is happy to share his story to inspire, motivate, and encouarage students, teachers, and inmates. He is a presenter for middle school assembelies and high school auditoriums, morale booster for teachers, commencements, and an encouragement to inmates at correctional centers. 
Brandon E. Stosgdill, LMHC, CMHS, CDP has been featured on King 5 News, Komonews Radio, Dr. Drew's Podcast, Redmond Reporter, KPLU radio, The News Tribune, and more.
Over 40 Events and reaching over 7,000 people & counting
If you focus on hope, rather than on doubt & trust in God, then your dreams don’t have to be dreams. -Brandon E. Stogsdill
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