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The  Boy  With The  Gun
From  Incarceration  to  Higher  Education
The Boy With The Gun | From Incarceration to Higher Education is a true story of a teen, sentenced as an adult to four years in prison, who defies all odds and becomes a licensed counselor for teens. This memoir explores his passage through a turbulent childhood and destructive adolescence, his years spent incarcerated, and eventual graduation as an award-winning, honor scholar. This is an inspirational journey of redemption, resilience, and ultimate transformation. As he goes on to become an effective therapist, he discovers what it takes to help young people understand their past, make positive changes, and pursue their maximum potential.
Dr. Drew Pinsky, from HLN's On Call with Dr. Drew,  Loveline, and author of The Mirror Effect says, "You have written a truly important book... Thank you for sharing yourself in this way. I am still emotionally rocked by your story... I hope your book will inspire others as it has me."
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Here's what others are saying about The Boy With The Gun:
  • "Few books can legitimately claim the title "Inspirational," but Brandon Stogsdill's memoir is without a doubt one of them." - Nicholas Weiss, M.D.
  • "I found "The Boy With The Gun" to be powerful, riveting, and most of all, inspiring..."  - Anne Hoban, Prinicipal
  • "This is an incredible story of transformation and redemption." - Denise Yokum, College President
  • "It's candid, authentic, and emotional." - Jared Flynn, Deacon
  • "Best book I've read this year! ...I'm going to make my 16 yr old son read it." - Monica, Mother
Actor Tyler Posey from MTV's Teen wolf says,
"It is absolutely inspiring and I can't put it down. I absolutely love it."
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Adam Corolla, Mike Catherwood, Brandon, and Dr. Drew
The Boy With The Gunis available on Amazon.
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